From Obama for America, Joe Biden asked what was on my mind. He asked which policies were important to me as a voter. There were many to consider, like employment, voter registration freedom, women’s issues, gay and lesbian issues, or others. I chose other.

The real issue is perspective. Perspective leads to policies, which lead to politics. I said there were two perspectives. There was the reactionary perspective, and the progressive perspective.

The reactionary perspective leads to men deciding for women, bosses deciding for their workers, governments deciding for their citizens, and the rich deciding for the middle class and the poor. This leads to elitism, judging, and oppression. Conservative politics follow from this perspective.
So Republican policy is pushing for tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations, and the deregulation of Wall Street, financial institutions, and corporations. It is also pushing for the end of Medicare, Social Security, and health care reform. The Dodd Frank act aims at reforming Wall Street and protecting consumers. They want to overturn this act. The affordable care act aims at reforming health care. Sardonically, they call this Obamacare. They want to overturn this as well.
The Republican policy wants to decide on the definition of marriage. They want to determine what kind of healthcare a woman can have for herself. Suddenly, the issues of contraception and pornography are front and center in the discussion for the Republican candidacy for president of United States.
There is a second perspective, the progressive perspective. This second perspective leads to women deciding for themselves, Bosses supporting the needs of the workers, government supporting the needs of the citizens, and the rich helping the middle class and the poor with tax reform. Elitism is replaced by egalitarianism and a lack of oppression.

Imagine a basketball game with no rules, and no regulations. Of course there would be no need for any referees. The size of the court is not fixed, and the height and location of the basketball net is not set. At the beginning of the game both teams would be equal, both with scores of zero. But very soon, it would be obvious which team would be stronger and which would be weaker. When the stronger team finally calls the end of the game, it would be a rout!

Republicans want to impose this analogy upon society, while Democrats want the rules, the regulations, and the referee.

The first is unfair, and the second is fair. The first is wrong, and the second is right. This is why I am registered as a Democrat, and this is why I will vote for Obama and Biden in November 2012.