We welcome Washington to the list of American states which have recognized gay marriage!
For so many years, the conservatives, pushed forward by biblical teachings against homosexuality, fought against the first state to recognize this right. It was hard to tell which state would sneak past this barricade of bullies. NOW THERE ARE SEVEN! Honesty is gaining favor even in America! Who would have thought!

For so many millions of Americans, sexual honesty has nothing to do with gay rights, though. For millions of men who discovered the female form, and thoroughly adored it, many have denied this about themselves. The notion that there must be only one woman a man can adore is as unrealistic and dishonest as insisting a gay person must not be who he or she is.

We must accept the honest heart that says, “The female form is astonishing! Not for the sex, but for the beauty!”

There is a popular notion in conservative circles that the ideal man is a “one woman man”! It is clearly taught in the New Testament, and demanded of for church leaders. Then church leaders are to be the example for all other men and women. So, the one woman man is the standard for the conservative.

Well, maybe this is attainable to some men. There just might be some men who can find this as an honest description of themselves. I must admit this possibility. This kind of man can find one woman early in his life, give himself to her in marriage, and never look back. Never look beyond. No significant struggles. You know, kind of like a gay person finding another gay, and being content. Marrying, raising a family, growing old together, and finishing life together. I’m sure you know of a gay couple who are a happy couple.

But there is another kind of human heart. This heart settles upon the reality that women are simply beautiful. Their form is adorable. The more that can be seen, the more there is to adore. The longer the list of beautiful women, the more satisfying the experience.

For many men, this poses a tragic situation. They have married, but find their hearts drawn beyond their spouse, not in sexual infidelity, but in their adoration of the female form. Theirs is a struggle to be “pure”, to find contentment with only one woman, this conservative notion of a ” one woman man”. So, the battle is joined. His heart moves from a commitment to purity as defined in the New Testament to an awareness that there sure are a lot of beautiful women out there, to strong frustrations, to shame, repentance, renewed commitment to purity, where the cycle repeats, ENDLESSLY!

This of course leads to a recognition that the whole notion of a woman-adorer being a one woman man is as bankrupt as a gay person not being gay.

The tragic struggle is usually compounded. The woman-adorer may be married to a woman who expects her husband to be a one woman man…they both entered into marriage with this dishonesty. While the man faces the bankruptcy of the position daily, his wife realizes there’s something wrong only when there’s trouble. Only when she finds him distracted. Distant. She’s in it for the singularity and commitment, thinking he’s like she is, but she keeps running into inconsistencies that don’t fit. This, to me, only shows the bankruptcy of the whole notion. To make this a standard for all men everywhere is to invite this kind of tragedy.

Many can argue endlessly about how many men we are talking about. Whether its just one, or a vast majority, or somewhere in between, this doesn’t matter. What matters is honesty.

It seems we still have a very long way to go.