Republican front runner, Mitt Romney, campaigning in Colorado, appealed to a Christian hot topic: Obama’s supposed infringing upon religious rights of Americans. At issue was the Obama administration’s actions requiring Catholic hospitals to provide reproductive services in their employee health benefits, particularly sterilization and contraception.
The Obama campaign pushed back, pointing out Romney’s hypocrisy: as Massachusetts governor, Romney provided rape victims in Catholic hospitals with emergency contraception…

But there is another question: which religious rights are being “infringed upon” by requiring Catholic hospitals to provide reproductive services to employees?
Is it a religious right to limit hospital employees’ choices in personal Health Care? You see, it is one thing to follow my own conscience in matters of faith for myself. It is not the same thing to use my position of authority as hospital administrator to force the dictates of my conscience upon the choices and needs of another who might not share my convictions.

If a hospital administrator is a Catholic, and follows the Pope in matters of reproduction, that is his or her choice. But if that same administrator arrogantly decides for his or her employees what kind of health coverage they may or may not have, then it is the administrator who is infringing upon the religious rights of his or her employees to follow the dictates of their own conscience. If an employee believes he or she needs a reproductive service, the right to that service should be protected.

That’s what President Obama achieved in his actions with Catholic hospital health coverage. It is the protection of religious rights for employees to get whatever kind of health service they believe is appropriate for themselves.

Romney got it backwards again.