I remember my republican father, back in 1990, when Pappa Bush signed the ADA into law. He complained bitterly about how businesses were going to be forced against their will in the setting aside excellent parking spaces for those disabled people. Years later, as both he and my mother were becoming feeble and disabled, they used the parking spaces whenever they had to park anywhere.
It troubles me greatly today to hear of the rabid tea partiers who defeated United Nations actions that paralleled those very same actions taken by previous Republican administrations to help and serve other people who were in need, misrepresenting what that United Nations action stood for as a threat to American sovereignty, when there was absolutely no threat whatsoever. This is a perfect example of how the Republican Party of today, under the poisonous influence of the tea party, has lost any resemblance of the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Eisenhower, or any thing respectable.
And it is why, even though my father voted only for Republicans for 60 years before his death, I am a registered and voting Democrat.