I’ve decided to enthusiastically and passionately embrace the new movement of webizens who are unplugging from all things Google! So, I’ve deleted my gmail account, my blogger account, and I’ve signed out for the last time from google+.

If you are still using Google services and products, consider!

Google is stealing intellectual property from whomever it wants, without shame. This is evil, but google doesn’t care. Unplug!

Motorola mobility soon might become wholly owned by Google. Right now, February of 2012, MMI is misusing FRAND patents as lethal weapons. Google needs to distance itself from this evil practice, but it won’t. Instead, it has irrevocably committed itself to the same arrogance and greed that MMI has begun. Unplug!

Google’s new privacy approach is a stunning power grab, syncing personal data across 60 different google services. Algorithms in googles hands will draw personal conclusions about the user way beyond what the user would ever intend, but not for the good of the user, but for googles customers, ad providers. Minority report, here we come!

No thank you. Unplug from all things Google!