I remember my republican father, back in 1990, when Pappa Bush signed the ADA into law. He complained bitterly about how businesses were going to be forced against their will in the setting aside excellent parking spaces for those disabled people. Years later, as both he and my mother were becoming feeble and disabled, they used the parking spaces whenever they had to park anywhere.
It troubles me greatly today to hear of the rabid tea partiers who defeated United Nations actions that paralleled those very same actions taken by previous Republican administrations to help and serve other people who were in need, misrepresenting what that United Nations action stood for as a threat to American sovereignty, when there was absolutely no threat whatsoever. This is a perfect example of how the Republican Party of today, under the poisonous influence of the tea party, has lost any resemblance of the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Eisenhower, or any thing respectable.
And it is why, even though my father voted only for Republicans for 60 years before his death, I am a registered and voting Democrat.


From Obama for America, Joe Biden asked what was on my mind. He asked which policies were important to me as a voter. There were many to consider, like employment, voter registration freedom, women’s issues, gay and lesbian issues, or others. I chose other.

The real issue is perspective. Perspective leads to policies, which lead to politics. I said there were two perspectives. There was the reactionary perspective, and the progressive perspective.

The reactionary perspective leads to men deciding for women, bosses deciding for their workers, governments deciding for their citizens, and the rich deciding for the middle class and the poor. This leads to elitism, judging, and oppression. Conservative politics follow from this perspective.
So Republican policy is pushing for tax cuts for the wealthy and the corporations, and the deregulation of Wall Street, financial institutions, and corporations. It is also pushing for the end of Medicare, Social Security, and health care reform. The Dodd Frank act aims at reforming Wall Street and protecting consumers. They want to overturn this act. The affordable care act aims at reforming health care. Sardonically, they call this Obamacare. They want to overturn this as well.
The Republican policy wants to decide on the definition of marriage. They want to determine what kind of healthcare a woman can have for herself. Suddenly, the issues of contraception and pornography are front and center in the discussion for the Republican candidacy for president of United States.
There is a second perspective, the progressive perspective. This second perspective leads to women deciding for themselves, Bosses supporting the needs of the workers, government supporting the needs of the citizens, and the rich helping the middle class and the poor with tax reform. Elitism is replaced by egalitarianism and a lack of oppression.

Imagine a basketball game with no rules, and no regulations. Of course there would be no need for any referees. The size of the court is not fixed, and the height and location of the basketball net is not set. At the beginning of the game both teams would be equal, both with scores of zero. But very soon, it would be obvious which team would be stronger and which would be weaker. When the stronger team finally calls the end of the game, it would be a rout!

Republicans want to impose this analogy upon society, while Democrats want the rules, the regulations, and the referee.

The first is unfair, and the second is fair. The first is wrong, and the second is right. This is why I am registered as a Democrat, and this is why I will vote for Obama and Biden in November 2012.

We welcome Washington to the list of American states which have recognized gay marriage!
For so many years, the conservatives, pushed forward by biblical teachings against homosexuality, fought against the first state to recognize this right. It was hard to tell which state would sneak past this barricade of bullies. NOW THERE ARE SEVEN! Honesty is gaining favor even in America! Who would have thought!

For so many millions of Americans, sexual honesty has nothing to do with gay rights, though. For millions of men who discovered the female form, and thoroughly adored it, many have denied this about themselves. The notion that there must be only one woman a man can adore is as unrealistic and dishonest as insisting a gay person must not be who he or she is.

We must accept the honest heart that says, “The female form is astonishing! Not for the sex, but for the beauty!”

There is a popular notion in conservative circles that the ideal man is a “one woman man”! It is clearly taught in the New Testament, and demanded of for church leaders. Then church leaders are to be the example for all other men and women. So, the one woman man is the standard for the conservative.

Well, maybe this is attainable to some men. There just might be some men who can find this as an honest description of themselves. I must admit this possibility. This kind of man can find one woman early in his life, give himself to her in marriage, and never look back. Never look beyond. No significant struggles. You know, kind of like a gay person finding another gay, and being content. Marrying, raising a family, growing old together, and finishing life together. I’m sure you know of a gay couple who are a happy couple.

But there is another kind of human heart. This heart settles upon the reality that women are simply beautiful. Their form is adorable. The more that can be seen, the more there is to adore. The longer the list of beautiful women, the more satisfying the experience.

For many men, this poses a tragic situation. They have married, but find their hearts drawn beyond their spouse, not in sexual infidelity, but in their adoration of the female form. Theirs is a struggle to be “pure”, to find contentment with only one woman, this conservative notion of a ” one woman man”. So, the battle is joined. His heart moves from a commitment to purity as defined in the New Testament to an awareness that there sure are a lot of beautiful women out there, to strong frustrations, to shame, repentance, renewed commitment to purity, where the cycle repeats, ENDLESSLY!

This of course leads to a recognition that the whole notion of a woman-adorer being a one woman man is as bankrupt as a gay person not being gay.

The tragic struggle is usually compounded. The woman-adorer may be married to a woman who expects her husband to be a one woman man…they both entered into marriage with this dishonesty. While the man faces the bankruptcy of the position daily, his wife realizes there’s something wrong only when there’s trouble. Only when she finds him distracted. Distant. She’s in it for the singularity and commitment, thinking he’s like she is, but she keeps running into inconsistencies that don’t fit. This, to me, only shows the bankruptcy of the whole notion. To make this a standard for all men everywhere is to invite this kind of tragedy.

Many can argue endlessly about how many men we are talking about. Whether its just one, or a vast majority, or somewhere in between, this doesn’t matter. What matters is honesty.

It seems we still have a very long way to go.

I’ve decided to enthusiastically and passionately embrace the new movement of webizens who are unplugging from all things Google! So, I’ve deleted my gmail account, my blogger account, and I’ve signed out for the last time from google+.

If you are still using Google services and products, consider!

Google is stealing intellectual property from whomever it wants, without shame. This is evil, but google doesn’t care. Unplug!

Motorola mobility soon might become wholly owned by Google. Right now, February of 2012, MMI is misusing FRAND patents as lethal weapons. Google needs to distance itself from this evil practice, but it won’t. Instead, it has irrevocably committed itself to the same arrogance and greed that MMI has begun. Unplug!

Google’s new privacy approach is a stunning power grab, syncing personal data across 60 different google services. Algorithms in googles hands will draw personal conclusions about the user way beyond what the user would ever intend, but not for the good of the user, but for googles customers, ad providers. Minority report, here we come!

No thank you. Unplug from all things Google!

Republican front runner, Mitt Romney, campaigning in Colorado, appealed to a Christian hot topic: Obama’s supposed infringing upon religious rights of Americans. At issue was the Obama administration’s actions requiring Catholic hospitals to provide reproductive services in their employee health benefits, particularly sterilization and contraception.
The Obama campaign pushed back, pointing out Romney’s hypocrisy: as Massachusetts governor, Romney provided rape victims in Catholic hospitals with emergency contraception…

But there is another question: which religious rights are being “infringed upon” by requiring Catholic hospitals to provide reproductive services to employees?
Is it a religious right to limit hospital employees’ choices in personal Health Care? You see, it is one thing to follow my own conscience in matters of faith for myself. It is not the same thing to use my position of authority as hospital administrator to force the dictates of my conscience upon the choices and needs of another who might not share my convictions.

If a hospital administrator is a Catholic, and follows the Pope in matters of reproduction, that is his or her choice. But if that same administrator arrogantly decides for his or her employees what kind of health coverage they may or may not have, then it is the administrator who is infringing upon the religious rights of his or her employees to follow the dictates of their own conscience. If an employee believes he or she needs a reproductive service, the right to that service should be protected.

That’s what President Obama achieved in his actions with Catholic hospital health coverage. It is the protection of religious rights for employees to get whatever kind of health service they believe is appropriate for themselves.

Romney got it backwards again.